How to create a dimension with cross mark in AutoCAD


How to create a dimension with cross(x) mark in AutoCAD.


  • In AutoCAD, a cross(x) mark can be created with CENTERMARK command or clicking on the Center mark icon under Annotate tab from the Ribbon. 
  • To generate the Center Mark when drawing a dimension at the same time, use below macro to create a LISP.
 (defun c:cdim()((command “dimradius” pause)(command “centermark” pause “”)(command “dimdiameter” pause)(command “dimradius” pause)))

  1. Copy the Macro into Text file and save.
  2. Change the extension from .txt to .lsp to convert the file as LISP file. 
  3. Load the LISP file by APPLOAD command from AutoCAD. 
  4. Remove the Center Mark extension with CENTERMARKEXE command = OFF. 
  5. Use command  “CDIM” to create Center mark first and click the circle to create a diameter/radius.
  6. Select the circle and do ‘Right-click’ to change between ‘Radius/Diameter’






Source: Autodesk

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