Create Keynote Legend in Civil 3D

Multileader with Block content make for an excellent way of keynoting AutoCAD drawings, however, it is often necessary to manually create a Keynote table to describe the annotations on plan. In this article we will use a combination of AutoCAD tools to automate creating and updating a Keynote Legend Table.


  • Create a Multileader Style with Block Content
  • Create a Table Style for the Keynote Legend
  • Create a “master list” of Keynote Key and Description Excel Spreadsheet

Steps to Create:

  • On the Annotate Tab / Tables Panel, select Extract Data
  • Extract the Block Attribute Tag of the Multileader object
  • on Page 5 of 8 of the Data Extraction wizard, be sure to Link to External Data

  • Create a Data Link and define the joining column! (it is critical to create a Data Link of the entire master keynote spreadsheet)
  • Continue the Data Extraction wizard to Insert Table in drawing
  • Highlight a Table Cell / Right click to Update Data Extraction (Do not Delete or Move the Data Extraction .dxe file or the master keynote spreadsheet)

Please see Screencast for workflow demonstration


Source: Autodesk

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