Cannot find import and export Layer Group Filter buttons in AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map 3D


There are Layer Group Filters created in a drawing in AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map 3D, however, there are no buttons to export them and import them into another drawing.


Only some AutoCAD verticals have this function. Basic AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map 3D do not have the ability to import or export Layer Group Filters.


Alternative processes to get layer groups in new DWG files:

Create a template with the layers and Layer Groups/Filters

Any new drawing started with this template will have the Layer Group Filters. 

Note: Insert any existing drawing into a new drawing created with this template to get the Layer Filters. 

Create an Action Macro Recording that creates the Layer Group Filters

Run the following action macro in any drawing where layers exist to create the desired group filters: 

An outline of the steps to create the Macro are included below:

  1. Open a drawing that has all of your layers in it.
  2. In the Manage tab, select RECORD in the action recorder group.
  3. Open the Layer Manager
  4. Create a Group.
  5. A prompt will display, choose the default settings by selecting the option “Use the current default value.”
  6. Right-click to rename the Group. 
  7. Create all the number of Groups desired.
  8. Select layers individually, or use CTRL+Select to grab multiple layers and drag them to a Group. 
  9. Once Groups have been finalized, go to the Manage tab (under the Action Recorder group) and press Stop. 
  10. A window will come up to allow naming and saving this Action Macro Recording. Name the action recording and choose Save. 
  11. Open a new drawing with no settings.
  12. Insert lines that bring in the desired layers. 
  13. In the Manage tab, under the Action Recorder group, select the previously made macro from the drop down.
  14. Press Play. The macro will open the Layer Manager and create the desired Layer Groups. 
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Additionally, view the AutoCAD webinar on the Action Recorder available on YouTube: 
Working with the Action Recorder in AutoCAD 2017.

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