User Interface

The interface includes the main components that are used to operate the AutoCAD software. By default, the display of the interface uses the Dark color scheme. You can change it to the
Light color scheme by clicking (Application Menu) to expand it and then clicking Options to open the Options dialog box. In the Display tab, in the Window Elements area, expand the Color theme drop-down list and select Light, as shown in Figure 1–2. Then, click OK for the background color of the interface components to change to light. The light color scheme is used throughout this guide for printing clarity.

Figure 1–2

To change the drawing window color, in the Options dialog box>Display tab, click Colors and in the Drawing Window Colors dialog box, for 2D model space, change the Color to White. Click Apply & Close in the Drawing Window Colors dialog box and click OK in the Options dialog box.

The software interface is shown in Figure 1–3. The Drawing Window color has been changed to white for printing clarity.


The Application Menu provides access to AutoCAD file commands, settings, and documents. Click (Application Menu) to expand the Application Menu and display its contents.

2. Crosshairs and Prompts

The Crosshairs indicate the current cursor location. As you draw, prompts display near the cursor to explain how to complete each command. It displays badges that provide additional information when you are working in a command. This can help you to successfully complete the command.

3. Drawing Window

The Drawing Window is the area of the screen in which the drawing displays. Near the lower left corner of the window a horizontal line labeled X and a vertical line labeled Y might be displayed. This is called the UCS icon and indicates the current drawing plane. Several drawing windows can be open at the same time. They can be resized, minimized, and maximized.

4. Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar provides access to commonly used commands, such as New, Open, and Save, as shown in Figure 1–4.


5. Ribbon