Starting AutoCAD

To Start AutoCAD use one of the two methods below.

  1. Select Start / All Programs / Autodesk / AutoCAD 2020 or Double click on the AutoCAD 2020 desktop shortcut icon.
  2. The “Start” page should appear.

Note: Your computer should be connected to the internet.

The Start page contains two sliding content pages called CREATE and LEARN.

CREATE: The Create page is displayed by default and allows you to start a New drawing, Open an existing drawing or template, Explore sample drawings, view Recent documents or access Online Services.

Starting AutoCAD-10

You can access the LEARN page by clicking on LEARN at the bottom of the page or on the left-hand side of the page.

You can start a new drawing using the default template by clicking on the Start Drawing tool, or you can access a list of available templates by clicking on the Templates down arrow.

Note: The last template you use will become the new default template and is highlighted in the template drop-down list.

Starting DRAWING0

Note: The drawing template acad.dwt is for inch measurements. The drawing template acadiso.dwt is for metric measurements. Click on the Start Drawing tool to open the default template and to open the main AutoCAD drawing workspace.

Starting DRAWING0

user interface autocad0

The following lessons will describe each area and element.

While you probably would like to jump ahead to start drawing, please be patient and go through the rest of this lesson. It is very important that you understand and are familiar with AutoCAD’s interface.