How to hide viewport border in autocad 2019?

How do I hide the viewport border in AutoCAD?

1. From Layout, enter mview on the command line.

2. At the prompt, enter off.

3. Select the viewport to turn off and press ENTER.

How do I change the viewport boundary in AutoCAD?

1. Click a layout tab.

2. Click Layout tab Layout Viewports panel Clip.

3. Select either an existing object to designate as the new viewport boundary, or specify the points of a new boundary.

4. Click OK.

How do I hide layout lines in AutoCAD?

1. Select the layout viewport in which you want to hide the lines.

2. Click View tab Palettes panel Properties palette.

3. On the Properties palette, under Misc, in the Shade Plot field, select Legacy Hidden.

How do I make viewports visible in AutoCAD?

To make all viewports visible: On the AutoCAD command line, enter APPLOAD.29 avr. 2015

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How do I remove the border from a viewport?

How do I get rid of viewport?

1. Click View tab Viewports panel Named. Find.

2. In the Viewports dialog box, Named Viewports tab, select the name of the viewport configuration you want to delete.

3. Press the DELETE key.

How do I change the viewport shape?

You can also select the viewport, right click, select ‘Viewport Clip’ (runs VPclip), then choose Polygonal and draw in the new shape of the viewport.5 fév. 2018

How do you make an irregular shaped viewport?

Just use a polyline, make your irregular shape, make sure the pline is closed and invoke MV (mview) command, select Object from the command line and select your irregular shape.

How do you adjust a viewport?

How do you make a hidden line bigger?

What is a hidden line?

A hidden line, also known as a hidden object line is a medium weight line, made of short dashes about 1/8” long with 1/16”gaps, to show edges, surfaces and corners which cannot be seen. Sometimes they are used to make a drawing easier to understand. Often they are omitted in an isometric view.

Why are my lines not dashed in AutoCAD?

Why can’t I see dashed lines in AutoCAD? Most likely your line type scale is set too low. Select your line you want dashed and open the properties on it.

How do I maximize a viewport in AutoCAD?

Layout – Maximize Viewport This occurs when: – Double clicking the Layout Viewport border. – Click on the Maximize Viewport button (status bar). – Select Layout Viewport border, right-click and select Maximize Viewport.

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How do you activate a viewport?

To select a viewport that is completely contained within another viewport in a layout, double-click within the larger viewport to activate it, then use CTRL+R to switch activated viewports until the desired viewport is selected. The viewports will shift according to the order in which the viewports were created.31 oct. 2014

How many viewports can be displayed in AutoCAD?


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