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No CAD drawing is an island. That being said, there’s a decent chance the drawing might be of a structure that will be located on an island! Yep, let’s talk about the benefits of setting a geographic location in AutoCAD.

Why You Should Set a Geographic Location

There are a bunch of reasons to add a geographic location to your drawing. Here are a few of them:

  • Make the program automatically determine the angle of sunlight when you perform sun and sky simulation (photometric studies)
  • Use position markers to mark geographic locations and record related notes
  • Export your drawings to use in the Map3Dtoolset, and expect the model to position itself automatically (or automagically)
  • Import raster files that contain geographic location information and expect them to position themselves automatically (using the RasterDesigntoolset)

How to Set a Geographic Location

It’s easy! To set a geographic location in your drawing, use the Insert ribbon tab and select the Set Location tool.

Setting a geographic location in AutoCAD

Whether you know the latitude and longitude or just want to use a map to set the location, select From Map and then click Yes when it asks if you want to use live map data.

Note: If you want to import existing GIS data from a file, just choose From File and then open your KML or KMZ file.

Setting a geographic location in AutoCAD

Now you can choose your location, and the good news is that from here it’s pure type-ahead! You can choose a city (useful if the structure doesn’t have an address yet) or use an existing address.

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Once you’ve found the location you want to use, click Drop Marker Here. AutoCAD will drop a pin on the map, and latitude and longitude will be automatically applied. You can even set a specific elevation if you’re working on an upper floor. Awesome!

Setting a geographic location in AutoCAD

Note: If you need to move a pin after it’s been dropped, the easiest thing to do is right-click on the new map location and choose Move Marker Here.

Setting a geographic location in AutoCAD

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