Recreate AutoCAD 2017 Classic Workspace

Don’t expect a lecture. Well, maybe just a little one: The AutoCAD Ribbon interface really is pretty terrific, and if you use the AutoCAD 2017 Classic workspace instead, you’ll miss out on some of the software’s most modern features.

OK, lecture over. Here’s what you came for: As you’re likely aware, the menu- and toolbar-based Classic workspace no longer ships with AutoCAD—but you can recreate it on your own without too much headache.

Video of the month: AutoCAD 2017 Classic workspace

Watch this brief (3.5 minutes) video and, for more details, follow the links below to articles on the Autodesk Knowledge Network and the Excitech website.

AutoCAD Video of the Month: The Adventure Continues….

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Source: Autodesk

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