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Heidi Hewett

Autodesk University is only a few months away, Nov 15-17. We’re in the midst of preparing for our AutoCAD classes and activities and we would really like your help for one of our fun events. We’ve created a series of surveys (we all love taking surveys, right?) and would greatly appreciate your response to any or all questions. The questions are easy and each survey shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. If it takes longer, you’re thinking too hard!


This is our second (did I mention, very quick?) survey. Please help us out by responding to it.

We posted the first survey last week on other AutoCAD social media channels and got great responses. Some of the responses were quite funny, and a little frightening! That’s what I get for asking people “What’s the craziest thing you ever designed with AutoCAD?” Thanks to all of you that responded! If you enjoyed taking the second survey (c’mon, admit it!) and haven’t yet had the chance to take the first survey, it’s not too late!

We absolutely welcome and encourage your responses even if you can’t attend AU. We can’t tell you what it’s for… yet. But we promise to share more info before AU.

Just in case you missed it, all of the details about registering for AU 2016 Las Vegas are covered in a recent blog post. Don’t forget that you can save $425 if you register by October 9.

Thanks for your help and we hope to see you at Autodesk University 2016!

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