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Want to perform calculations right from within your drawing? We’re exploring the AutoCAD QuickCalc Calculator in this month’s edition of Have You Tried. Read on for more.

In AutoCAD, geometric values such as distance or angular measurement are often required to draw an object. In most situations, you might know the distance or angle required to draw an object but there are times when those values are unknown and need to be calculated.

AutoCAD QuickCalc Calculator

While your favorite calculator or app can be used to calculate a distance or angle, to use the result you’ll have to type it at the prompt in the AutoCAD Command window, which is a pain. The QuickCalc Calculator can be used to perform basic and complex calculations within the AutoCAD drawing environment, and the value that’s calculated can be sent directly to the current prompt for the command in progress.

You can learn how the use the QuickCalc Calculator as part of your drawing workflow by viewing the video and following the step-by-step examples in the HaveYouTried:QuickCalcCalculator topic.

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