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The Have You Tried feature in Help returns this month focused on helping you become more efficient by adding information to blocks with attributes.

Using Attribute Values in Blocks

Attribute values in blocks can be extracted into table objects or exported to CVS files for use in another application. Attributes can be used to store:

  • Part numbers and descriptions of real-world items to create a bill of materials
  • Door, window, and room finishes to generate schedules
  • Project and client information in a title block which can change from layout to layout

AutoCAD: Attribute Values in Blocks

For some great step-by-step examples of how to work with and extract attribute values, see Have You Tried: Attribute Extraction.

Last month, the Have You Tried feature focused on employing the Table feature in your work. Tables can be created and populated from scratch, or data can be linked to a table from an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

If you missed the Have You Tried on the Tables feature, check out Have You Tried: Creating Tables.

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