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Have you ever wanted to mark up a drawing while on a job site? Or maybe document some measurements while at a client’s property? Us too. That’s where the AutoCAD 360 mobile app can lend a hand.

If you haven’t tried it, or if it’s been awhile since you last logged in, it’s worth a second look. The AutoCAD 360 team recently added some great features to the Pro offering. With Pro, you can access, create, edit, measure, mark up, and share your DWG drafts and drawings from anywhere. Get up to speed on AutoCAD 360 Pro in less than three minutes with the five introductory videos below (each are under 40 seconds).

Not sure if you already have access to AutoCAD 360 Pro? AutoCAD 360 Pro is included with Desktop subscription of any AutoCAD SKU. Yes, it’s really this simple.

  1. Download the free AutoCAD 360 mobile app to your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Log into the app with your Autodesk ID (the same ID as your AutoCAD subscription ID). You’ll be automatically upgraded to the Pro version.

And for those of you on perpetual or maintenance licenses, there’s a free 30-day trial of AutoCAD 360 Pro.

… and learn more by doing. Once you give the new features a try we know you’ll be hooked.

Looking for more? See how AutoCAD 360 and Apple iPad Pro work together.

Welcome to AutoCAD 360 Pro

Create, edit, mark up, measure, and share drawings, all on the go.

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Drawing & Editing

Harness the power of mobile with essential DWG drawing and editing tools.

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Create New Drawings

Create new CAD drawings anytime, anywhere.

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Access Drawings from the Cloud

Conveniently connect to external cloud storage sites and more.

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Top Cool AutoCAD 360 Pro Features

Get the most out of your mobile device with AutoCAD Pro 360.

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