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We’re all used to the phrase “there’s an app for that” when it comes to our smartphones and tablets, but did you know that it applies to AutoCAD as well? The Autodesk App Store contains hundreds of Autodesk approved plug-ins, extensions, and standalone applications to make your AutoCAD experience more productive.

Accessing the App Store

You can access the Autodesk App Store from within AutoCAD in two ways. From the ribbon, click on the Featured Apps tab, then the App Store panel and select Connect to App Store. You can also simply click on the shopping cart icon next to your login name. Either method will take you to the App Store website in your default web browser.

Finding the Right App for You

Accessing the App Store from within AutoCAD will automatically place you into the AutoCAD product filter. The home page of the App Store displays currently featured apps, along with the most popular free and paid apps.

The featured apps banner at the top scrolls through Autodesk recommended apps, so you can easily stay up to date and at your most productive level. The content of the featured app banner changes from time to time, as recommended apps are updated in the store. Simply click on the image as it scrolls into view to get more info on that app.

If none of the featured apps fits your current needs, you can continue your search by either keyword or your favorite publisher.

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Autodesk App Store

You can also continue to filter the apps by selecting a category in the AutoCAD section on the left. Once a category is chosen, you can filter further by App Type, product version, and operating system.

Autodesk App Store

Apps matching your filter are grouped by the most relevant matches, but you can also display the newest, most downloads, ratings, or price. Select the app you want and download the app. Follow the publisher’s instructions for installation.

Autodesk App Store

Managing Your Apps

The Autodesk App Manager is your in-product resource for updating or uninstalling apps downloaded from the App Store. Go to the Add-ins tab of the ribbon, and click on App Manager. Find the desired app in the list, and right click on it to either access help, install updates, uninstall the app, or provide a rating or review through the App Store.

Autodesk App Store

More on the Autodesk App Store

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Accessing the App Store

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