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Fast. Expert. Help. That’s what you get when you tap into the AutoCAD® Forums, one of the largest—and, we like to think, finest—AutoCAD® communities in the world. This isn’t just lip service. To make sure you get the reply you deserve, we’ve recently stepped up our investment in the Forums. Try it for yourself. (It’s still free, of course.)

Pick a question, any question. From simple drafting problems to complicated mathematical ones to advice on everything from purchases to careers—you’ll find your answers here.

Posting your question is simple. The responses you’ll receive might come from community members anywhere in the world. These members could be AutoCAD veterans, or newbies able to look at a perplexing problem with a fresh set of eyes.

Or you may hear directly from someone at Autodesk. As one member posted: “I am surprised by the recent increased activity of Autodesk employees on this forum.”

Of course, you could just as easily be the one answering questions and offering advice. The AutoCAD Forums form a “community” precisely because of this give and take.

AutoCAD Forums slogan: Find Answers. Connect with Peers. Share Expertise.

Seek and ye shall find.

Whether you’re a CAD manager, a design drafter, an electrical field designer, a student, you name it… your AutoCAD question—and expertise—will meet its match at the AutoCAD Forums.

This is the fifth in an irregularly scheduled series of shout-outs to our favorite AutoCAD Online Resources. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to….

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