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The AutoCAD cursor includes badges to provide contextual feedback during many common operations.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

Selection badges indicate when you are creating crossing or window selections.

An inspection badge is displayed when using inquiry tools including Distance, Radius, Angle, Area, Volume, Mass Properties, List, and ID.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

Rotation badges are displayed when specifying the angle of rotation during a Rotate operation.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

The rotation badge displays a clockwise or counter-clockwise arrow according to the direction specified by the Drawing Units.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

Relevant badges are displayed for other editing commands including Move, Copy, and Scale.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

Zoom, Erase, and Trip also display relevant cursor badges.

AutoCAD Cursor Badges

If you prefer not to display cursor badges, you can change the CURSORBADGE system variable from its default value of 2 to 1.

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