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Don’t scream. We won’t be discussing politics—or politicians or political supporters (or detractors) or pundits or any of that. That’s because what we’re presenting here is an AutoCAD case study. Have you ever wondered, as you beheld the spectacle that is a “presidential nominating convention” of a major US political party, how the general contractor for such an affair manages to pull it off? Wonder no more.

Hargrove Inc. is one of the country’s largest general services contractors for trade shows, events, and conventions. Their high-profile events have included the Democratic National Conventions in 2012 and 2016—as well as every presidential inauguration since President Truman’s in 1949.

In Hargrove’s story, AutoCAD has a starring role. As David Solsbery, Hargrove’s executive director of creative services, says, “Truth is, it’s not real until it’s in CAD.”

AutoCAD Case Study: Hargrove

Watch this brief (2.5 minutes) video.


Source: Autodesk

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