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You can never learn enough AutoCAD tips and tricks, right? There’s always going to be something out there you can use to tweak your workflow to make life easier, which is why internationally known CAD evangelist Jeanne Aarhus took time at AU Las Vegas 2016 to present not one, but TWO sessions on the hidden powers of AutoCAD, called AutoCAD Secrets EXPOSED.

What You’ll Learn in AutoCAD Secrets EXPOSED

In the first session (AutoCAD Secrets EXPOSED), Jeanne spends an hour taking you through 40 tips on everything from smarter dimensioning when it comes to overlapping DIMS to the power of PEDIT to undocumented commands (yes, it’s true!).

AU 2016 Video: AutoCAD Secrets Exposed

The second session (AutoCAD Secrets EXPOSED – 3D!) builds on the first, with a focus on hidden 3D tips like ways to improve the interface, mastering GIZMOS, and making the most of the Autodesk render service.

AU 2016 Video: AutoCAD Secrets Exposed 3D!

Watch the 2D class here, or download the handout with all of the secrets clearly listed, and don’t forget to check out the 3D class and handout!

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