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There are many great reasons to attend Autodesk University 2016 Las Vegas, November 15 – 17, at the Venetian Las Vegas Resort. The inspired and inspiring keynotes, the exhibitors showing off the latest/greatest products and services, the free product certification exams, all the opportunities AU (and the Venetian! and Las Vegas!) offers for networking and plain having fun with colleagues.

But the best reason of all, hands down, are the classes.

Autodesk University 2015 classroom. AutoCAD customization bootcamp class.

To whet your classroom appetite, take a look at the AU 2016 customization class sneak peek below. Actually, it’s a sneak peek into two perennially favorite AU classes: AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp, Basic (No Experience Required) and AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp, Beyond the Basics.

AU 2016 Customization Class Sneak Peek

The Customization Boot Camps are taught by Lee Ambrosius, a longtime Autodesk principal learning content developer. These classes are always among the most popular AU has to offer—this will be Lee’s fourth consecutive AU outing to teach the Boot Camp series—earning high marks for the value of the material and the efficacy of instructor Lee.

Autodesk University 2016 logo. AU Las Vegas 2016

AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp, Basic (No Experience Required)

As you know: AutoCAD software’s extensive customizability is a huge part of its appeal. That’s because “plain vanilla” AutoCAD gets the job done, but most users prefer to tailor the software for the kind of work they do and/or the way they like to work.

But many beginning AutoCAD users are unsure where or how to get started. For them, Lee offers the “basic” AutoCAD customization boot camp. You don’t need any programming knowledge to take this class, which is also appropriate for AutoCAD LT users.

After 90 minutes, you will be able to:

  • Create custom desktop icons
  • Create command aliases
  • Create tool palettes
  • Modify the ribbon and Quick Access toolbar
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AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp, Beyond the Basics

Are you ready to get a handle on some of the AutoCAD customization features for streamlining repetitive tasks and improving workflows? Lee’s “beyond basics” lab will broaden your understanding of these features and ensure you’re more productive when you’re back in the office.

After 90 minutes, you will be able to:

  • Write and run script files
  • Record and play back action macros
  • Create and load small AutoLISP programs
  • Manage user settings with profiles

Heard enough?

Las Vegas USA. Autodesk University international conferences 2016If you’re thinking of attending AU—and you really should; see reasons, above—please be sure to register soon.

Classes fill up fast, especially well-known classes with a strong track record, such as the Customization Boot Camps. Hotel rooms and airplane seats fill up, too—we’re talking Vegas, after all.

And if you register by Oct. 9, you’ll save US$425.

Just saying.

Source: Autodesk

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