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Heidi Hewett

If you’ve ever tried to draw text along an Arc in AutoCAD LT or in AutoCAD without using the ARCTEXT Express Tool, you know how tedious it can be. Of course, it can be done. The question is how long will take? And what if you have to edit it? Fortunately, the ARCTEXT Express Tool in AutoCAD makes it easy to both draw and edit text along an arc!

Using the AutoCAD ARCTEXT Express Tool

AutoCAD ARCTEXT Express Tool

After launching ARCTEXT, select the arc on which you want to align the text. The ArcAlignedText dialog box is displayed where you can enter the text you want draw as well as its many text properties including height, how far to offset it from the arc curve, and ends of the arc.

AutoCAD ARCTEXT Express Tool

You can use the same tool to edit the arc text after it’s created or use the standard Properties palette.

AutoCAD ARCTEXT Express Tool

That’s EASY!

More Tuesday Tips

This is our last Tuesday Tip of 2017! Come back next week for a new edition of Have You Tried, and check in next year (hehe) for more of your favorite AutoCAD tips! Want more? Lynn Allen’s AutoCAD 2018 Tips & Tricks and The Best of Lynn Allen’s Tips & Tricks are available for download now!

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