AutoCAD Versions

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software created in December 1982 by AutoDESK. It was developed initially for mechanical engineers, but nowadays it is used for a multitude of fields of activity, and this, all over the world.

Since several versions have been marketing. The AutoCAD 2000 to 2005 versions are very similar, so much so that the client could wonder about the usefulness of an update.

On the other hand, the 2006 and later versions have made significant improvements, such as distance, angle and coordinates, as well as dynamic blocks that allow a single symbol that can be modified by local handles to create a lot of Variants, without having to create different blocks.

Thus, a dynamic window can have all the dimensions required, which avoids creating all the windows of the catalog.

Here we present the versions since 2000. AutoCAD version 2010 – AutoCAD version 2010 – AutoCAD version 2011 – AutoCAD version 2012 – AutoCAD version 2012 – AutoCAD version 2005 – AutoCAD version 2005 – AutoCAD version 2005 – AutoCAD version 2014 – AutoCAD version 2015 – AutoCAD version 2016 AutoCAD version 2017 – AutoCAD version 2018 – AutoCAD version mac



AutoCAD did not exist on Windows. Indeed, Mac versions existed before 1992, when the publisher Autodesk abandoned the Mac platform. On September 1, 2010, the Autodesk editor announces the return of AutoCAD on Mac, which will be available at the end of 2010. Autodesk stopped supporting apple computers in 1994. Over several years, no compatible version for Macintosh computers was developed. In 2010 Autodesk announced that it would support the Mac OS X again in the future. Most of the Read More...

AutoCAD 2018

The AutoCAD 2018 version will normally be released in March 2017, and here it will be published its description: The main features of the AutoCAD 2018 release will be unveiled here soon. If you're looking for AutoCAD 2018's new features, controls, or features, whether it's for drawing, editing, or printing in two or three dimensions. Read More...

AutoCAD 2017

The AutoCAD 2017 version, here is the description: Main Features of AutoCAD 2017 And here are the new features of AutoCAD 2017, whether for drawing, editing or printing Read More...

AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 lets you better understand your designs using its new optimized environment. As with every new version, Autodesk is able to meet the demands of its users by bringing new features to this version of AutoCAD 2016. The new features in AutoCAD 2016 provide a more complete and feature-rich interface, such as improved PDF files or the appearance of the smart dimensioning tool on the ribbon. Not to mention the improvement of performance of course! The objective of this article Read More...

AutoCAD 2015

The user interface has undergone changes and this starts when AutoCAD is launched. For the use of this version 2015 one gets used to this interface which displays better visibility in different areas: The Start AutoCAD displays a home screen AutoCAD 2015 does not start with an empty drawing, but displays this home screen: 1. left more to access videos on AutoCAD: Overview of new features, 2. click Icon Start a drawing and choose from the drop-down list a template, Or open and select a Read More...



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