AutoCAD 2016 lets you better understand your designs using its new optimized environment. As with every new version, Autodesk is able to meet the demands of its users by bringing new features to this version of AutoCAD 2016.

The new features in AutoCAD 2016 provide a more complete and feature-rich interface, such as improved PDF files or the appearance of the smart dimensioning tool on the ribbon. Not to mention the improvement of performance of course!
The objective of this article is to present to you the main improvements and innovations of this version of AutoCAD 2016.
Latest improvements Autocad 2016
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main improvements and innovations AutoCAD 2016:
• Improved PDF files
• Improved revision clouds
• Central hooking to geometric objects
• Enhanced interface
• Intelligent Rating
• Improved augmented reality (point clouds)
I will not go into all of them here but I will talk about the main (most used).

Improved PDF files
You knew (or not) that exporting to PDF in AutoCAD was one of its many features. This possibility has just been improved and it offers you a more advanced setting.
Since AutoCAD 2016, you can choose the quality of publication of the generated PDF files. You now have the choice between:
• Convert a DWG to PDF. This parameter is intended for general use and used in AutoCAD 2015 and earlier versions.
• Create an AutoCAD PDF (general documentation). Parameter intended for general use and suitable for most uses.
• Create AutoCAD PDF (high quality printing). The setting for printing on paper.
• Create an AutoCAD PDF (smaller file). Parameter to create a PDF with the smallest possible size.
• Create AutoCAD PDF (web and portable). This parameter is intended to create a PDF that supports hyperlinks and is compatible with web browsers.

The “Review Cloud” tool has been enhanced and offers 3 creation methods:
– Rectangular
– Polygonal
– With raised hand
These 3 methods can be accessed from the “Drawing” panel on the “Start” tab. But if the heart tells you, you can type the command nuagerev to access one of these 3 methods.

Editing a revision cloud is also possible. For example, you can add an extra song to an existing revision cloud by hanging on it. Just use the Modify option of the nuagerev command.

Intelligent dimensioning of AutoCAD 2016 (Dimension tool) is the new feature that makes it easier to dimension your objects. This tool automatically detects the type of object used and creates the appropriate dimension.
That is, you can use the same tool to rate several different objects.
This is a great productive improvement when you just press the spacebar or the Enter key to repeat a command.

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