AutoCAD is a good product (reliable, stable and powerful). This version AutoCAD 2013 brings its little batch of novelties, which I think will be appreciable in time.

It is like a lot of new product, initially we find it “null” and then after a few times of use, one can not do without it.

Despite everything, this version 2013 leaves me a bit on my hunger.
Since several versions, Autodesk focuses on the 3D part and in the end there are quite a few 2D novelties.

What I do not like is that AutoCAD is still a 2D software and despite the efforts made on the 3D part, AutoCAD is still quite heavy and not optimized for this.
So I’m still a little disappointed when I see the new features, because there’s not much that moves on the existing 2D functions.
The list could be long as an arm, but for the first that come to mind.
– A simple and unified multiline function between the full version and LT
– The possibility of adding the lengths of polylines
– Be able to frame a text
– Have a somewhat more unified unit management between block, layout, drawing.
– Have a real library functionality (why not be able to put its blocks on the tool palette without necessarily being linked to a dwg file
– That Autodesk offers an object library for the various trades (it should not be so complicated to make a small library of doors, windows, trees, furniture, construction machinery, heating, Electrical symbols …)
And that one does not speak of Autodesk Seek which remains for me of an incredible complexity)
– A scale of type of lines per layer and / or type of lines
– An editor for hatch patterns and line types.

In short, the list could be very long.

Good even if I am disappointed I would welcome this version 2013 I think with pleasure and after some time of use I could hardly go back on an older version.

AutoCAD 2013 for free? download it here !

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