The new AutoCAD® 2009 user interface has one goal: to improve your productivity. With your feedback, ergonomics tests and new emerging software standards, you are the designers of this new version.

Autodesk has not taken the improvement of your workspace lightly. This new interface has been designed for optimized ergonomics, in order to speed up the execution of common CAD tasks and to facilitate access to less frequently used commands.
Experienced users will gain even more productivity, while newer users will quickly become operational.

To facilitate evolution from earlier versions of AutoCAD 2009, the new user interface is as customizable and expandable as before.
To facilitate learning, a “classic workspace” option allows you to return to the toolbar and the usual menu interface.

Improve your productivity with AutoCAD 2009 as you integrate the benefits of
The user interface optimized in your working methods. With the free software * Autodesk® Design Review, the integrated solution for viewing, annotating and electronically revising your designs, you can invite virtually anyone in the world to participate in the review process.

Layer dialog box in AutoCAD 2009
The new Layer dialog box speeds up the creation and modification of
Properties of the layers, while minimizing the risk of errors. Any changes you make in the dialog box are instantly reflected in the drawing.
The manipulation of the dialog has also been simplified in AutoCAD 2009: you can now resize each column to avoid truncating its contents or title. You can also freeze a column to scroll through the other columns. Finally, to facilitate scrolling, you can reference a column on a frozen column as, for example, the name of the layer.

ViewCube and SteeringWheels in AutoCAD 2009
ViewCube ™ is an interactive tool that allows you to rotate and orient any solid or surface model in AutoCAD® software. Select a face, edge, or cube angle to quickly rotate the model to the desired orientation. By clicking on the ViewCube and holding the mouse button down, you can rotate the model in the direction you want.
With the ViewCube in a fixed position on the screen, a glance is enough to visualize its orientation.
The ViewCube will be integrated with all Autodesk products to facilitate the use of 3D models. The new SteeringWheels ™ tool not only facilitates access to the Orbit command, but also controls the Pan, Center and Zoom controls. Since the SteeringWheels tool is highly customizable, you can add details of the various commands needed to create and save your model.

Menu Browser in AutoCAD 2009
Reviewing and using multiple files at once is no longer synonymous with complications and time wasting.
The new menu browser interface allows you to browse files and view thumbnail images, while accessing detailed information about file size and author. You can also organize recently used files by name, date or title.

Quick Properties in AutoCAD 2009
Easy to customize, the Quick Properties menu improves productivity by reducing the number of actions to be performed to access property information, helping to ensure that the information presented is optimized for that user or project.

Ribbon in AutoCAD 2009
By reducing the number of actions to be performed to access a command, the ribbon interface allows you to increase your drawing productivity globally. Its concise visual format makes it easy to select commands based on the current job. Now you can switch between applications quickly and intuitively. As the ribbon is customizable and extensible, you can optimize it according to your work habits and the standards of your company.

Quick View in AutoCAD 2009
The quick view function using thumbnails rather than filenames
View the file and its presentation before opening it, without risk of opening
Incorrect drawing files.

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