Improvements and improvements to AutoCAD 2006, the 20th version of AutoCAD, place efficiency at the heart of your work, day after day.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Delays

Improved handles Extending, tipping, pivoting and aligning blocks becomes a breeze with these new handles.

Better control of visibility A drop-down menu allows you to select the variations to be applied to the geometry of a block.

A good block is a smart block

Data management is becoming increasingly difficult with the expansion of block libraries. Dynamic blocks allow you to access several variations on a single block, greatly reduce bulky block libraries, and change the geometry of a block during and after insertion.

Creating blocks The “drag-and-drop” feature makes it easy to add parameters and actions.

A dynamic input Easily access the sizing and control options displayed on the geometry and graphic cursor.

Everyday efficiency Between the idea of ​​engineering and its implementation, everyday tasks play a leading role. AutoCAD 2006 brings many improvements to your daily tasks to ensure the viability of your idea. Manipulate block data quickly and efficiently. Use the new “High Head” function to focus on your work rather than your software. AutoCAD 2006 goes even further than previous versions in terms of productivity gains. Add to this year’s improvements 52% * smaller file sizes and unparalleled efficiency in managing complete drawing games and get the most powerful AutoCAD software to date.

Leaf Game Manager Quickly create, organize logically, easily find and publish related drawing sets.

Hatch Hatch multiple zones in a single command, add and remove contours with ease and automatically calculate hatched areas.

QuickCalc Easily access the CAL control functionality with the new interface.

Productivity is waiting for you!

Creating arrays based on blocksA new wizard makes it easy to extract selected block attributes and place them in arrays in predefined format.

Improved TablesTables now support sums, averages and calculations across multiple rows and columns, as well as standard arithmetic expressions based on cell values.

MigrationA new interface makes it easy to import and customize menus and toolbars.

Pallets of toolsThese offer faster access to content, a larger display area and better standardization of projects.

Revision of annotations

Apply overlays between Autodesk® DWF ™ (Design Web Format ™) file format annotations to streamline review and editing processes.

CAD Productivity and Support: A Common Standard

New approach in the review process Autodesk DWF Composer delivers increased speed, efficiency and profitability to your 2D and 3D review processes. The DWF format retains intelligent design data from the original drawing. It is the best way to exchange data with team members who do not use CAD. Fully integrated with the AutoCAD family of products, Autodesk DWF Composer provides complete roundtrip bookmarks, annotations and other changes in AutoCAD, without re-entering information.

AutoCAD 2006, the 20th version of the well-known computer-aided design and design software, remains the undisputed market leader with more than 6 million users. Enriched with new concepts (dynamic blocks, intelligent arrays, dynamic data entry, etc.), this version will be particularly suitable for designers. Moreover, a whole range of application software applications (architecture, mechanics, industrial design, etc.) can be grafted on the basic program; Making AutoCAD the most comprehensive multidisciplinary software on the market.

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