With AutoCAD® 2005, you can effectively create individual plans. You now create complete sets of ordered plans. Tables and tool palettes improve productivity and simplify design tasks. The Sheet Set Manager helps you to create, manage, and efficiently share drawing sets.

AutoCAD 2005 leverages the productivity gains of AutoCAD 2004.
AutoCAD® 2005 also incorporates new tools that free you from tedious design tasks and help you effectively manage drawing sets. Improved tool palettes simplify (or eliminate) repetitive tasks and the Sheet Set Manager lets you create, share, and manage entire sets of related drawings. From creating individual drawings to managing entire sets of drawings, from sharing design information on the web to creating graphic-rich presentations, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT help you to go further.

Learning and Migration Tools
All new features in AutoCAD are not useful if you are having trouble updating from an earlier version. To do this, we added migration tools to automatically transfer customized items from older versions to AutoCAD 2005. We’ve also improved the new features workshop so you can start using the new features as quickly as possible.

AutoCAD 2005 is designed to run on the same computer as AutoCAD 2000 / 2000i / 2002/2004. The AutoCAD 2005 migration feature allows migration of custom menus, hatch patterns, line types, keyboard shortcuts, and AutoCAD profiles.

AutoCAD® is the most widely used computer-aided design, documentation and publishing software in the world. Its evolution is continuing to meet the needs of all industries.

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