1. Application

The AutoCAO 2002 software is a universal application of Conceptiof \ lDessln Computer Assisted. CAD / OAO applications are very powerful tools. The speed and ease with which a drawing can be prepared and modified on a computer has a huge advantage over the hand drawing. AutoCAO 2002 offers this sophisticated technology (previously reserved for larger and more expensive systems) for microcromator users.

With AutoCAD 2002, you can create any kind of drawing. If a drawing can be created by hand, it can be created with AutoCAD 2002. It is preferable to have good notions of industrial design or building drawing to better appreciate the possibilities of the software. User-friendly and comprehensive, AutoCAD 2002 is used in many fields of activity:

– Drawings of divefs of architecture,

– Drawings for applications in electronics, chemistry, civil engineering,

Aeronautics and Automotive, – Naval design,

– Interior design drawings,

– Organization charts and graphs of all kinds,

– Projects and presentations,

– technical illustrations and assembly drawings,

– business logos …

2. Physical Characteristics

AutoCAD 2002 works with the following con guratlon:

– An Intel Pentium II or AMD KG-II processor with 450 MHz processor or higher.

– Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, Windows ME, or

Windows NT 4 (SP5 or later).

– 128 MB of RAM.

– An Internet connection is desirable in order to better use the Internet


Like most graphics applications, the CAOIOAO AutoeAD 2002 product appreciates high resolution (17, 19, 20 or 21 inch) high resolution (1024 x 768 x 64K recommended) screens.

3. General description

AutoCAo 2002 offers a set of features to build your drawings. An entity (or object) is a drawing element such as a line, arc, text … You can tell AutoCAO 2002 which entity to draw by typing the command from the keyboard, selecting it from a menu Or a toolbar. You should then respond to the messages at the bottom of your screen to give you information, such as the position of the feature in your drawing, and possibly a scale and angle of rotation. After answering these questions, “entity will be drawn and will appear on your screen.

Other features in AutoCAo 2002 allow you to edit your drawings in several ways. Entities can be deleted, moved, or copied into regular assemblies. You can change the drawing view. AutoCAO 2002 brings you aids to precisely position your entities. If you want a copy of your drawing on paper, you can trace it with a plotter or a graphic printer.

4. Graphical User Interface

AutoCAo 2002 combines the advantages of the usual Windows interface functions with the AutoCAo 2002 functions: you can use the drop-down menus, dialog boxes, scroll bars, context menus, Tools to display Or resize on request, the various links between Windows applications (OLE, Hyperlinks).

You will find in the background a text window containing all the previous operations. The current session. You move from the text screen to the graphic screen and vice versa with the WJ key.

You get an intuitive and visual, well-documented help that can inform beginners, experienced users as well as developers. You can also access it using the f1 key.

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