AutoCAD 2007

AutoCAD 2007: from design to drawing and detailed presentation, AutoCAD 2007 lets you create and explore your ideas in a completely new way.

AutoCAD 2007 in a few points:

* Real-Time Feedback While Modeling
* Helix
* Sweeps and Lofts
* Polysolid (3D Polyline)
* Face, Edge, Vertex Handling
* Dynamic User Coordinate System (UCS)
* Work in Perspective View
* Planes / Cuts section
* Flatten 3D Geometry into 2D
* Interference Checking
Walk-Through Navigation
* Cameras
* Display Modes (Visual Styles, Transparency, Edge Effects)
* Transparent Solids
* Real-Time
* Drag-and-Drop Materials
* Animations
* Autodesk Vault (Subscription Only)
* Publish PDF
* Animations in the Help System

Highlights of AutoCAD 2007:

* Create the design of your dreams, or that of your client, with creative, editing and navigation tools that bring a new level of precision and aesthetics to your presentations.
* Visualize your ideas in a totally new way by using lighting effects, material libraries, path animations and other amazing rendering functions.
* Document your design in a quick and easy way with the help of cutting and planing tools, dynamic blocks and enhanced tables to create clear, precise document sets.
* Share design information across all workgroups using powerful data exchange tools.
* Streamline the migration process with tools that allow you to easily upgrade, while maintaining the customization you’ve set for toolbars and menus.

The main revolution of this version is undoubtedly the 3rd dimension!

System requirements

The following are the system requirements to run AutoCAD 2007 with the primary purpose of creating 2D drawings:

* Recommended Intel® Pentium® IV processor
* Memory 512 MB of RAM
* 750 MB of available hard-disk space
* 1024×768 true color screen
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional (SP1 or SP2), Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (SP2) or Windows 2000 (SP3 or SP4)

The following are the system requirements for running AutoCAD 2007 to take advantage of new design features:

* Intel® 3.0 GHz or higher performance processor
* Memory 2 GB RAM minimum
* 2 GB of available hard disk space, in addition to the space required for installation
* Display 1280×1024 32 bits
* 128 MB or more graphics card, compatible with OpenGL
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional (SP1 or SP2), Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (SP2) or Windows 2000 (SP3 or SP4)

AutoCAD 2006

Improvements and improvements to AutoCAD 2006, the 20th version of AutoCAD, place efficiency at the heart of your work, day after day.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Delays

Improved handles Extending, tipping, pivoting and aligning blocks becomes a breeze with these new handles.

Better control of visibility A drop-down menu allows you to select the variations to be applied to the geometry of a block.

A good block is a smart block

Data management is becoming increasingly difficult with the expansion of block libraries. Dynamic blocks allow you to access several variations on a single block, greatly reduce bulky block libraries, and change the geometry of a block during and after insertion.

Creating blocks The “drag-and-drop” feature makes it easy to add parameters and actions.

A dynamic input Easily access the sizing and control options displayed on the geometry and graphic cursor.

Everyday efficiency Between the idea of ​​engineering and its implementation, everyday tasks play a leading role. AutoCAD 2006 brings many improvements to your daily tasks to ensure the viability of your idea. Manipulate block data quickly and efficiently. Use the new “High Head” function to focus on your work rather than your software. AutoCAD 2006 goes even further than previous versions in terms of productivity gains. Add to this year’s improvements 52% * smaller file sizes and unparalleled efficiency in managing complete drawing games and get the most powerful AutoCAD software to date.

Leaf Game Manager Quickly create, organize logically, easily find and publish related drawing sets.

Hatch Hatch multiple zones in a single command, add and remove contours with ease and automatically calculate hatched areas.

QuickCalc Easily access the CAL control functionality with the new interface.

Productivity is waiting for you!

Creating arrays based on blocksA new wizard makes it easy to extract selected block attributes and place them in arrays in predefined format.

Improved TablesTables now support sums, averages and calculations across multiple rows and columns, as well as standard arithmetic expressions based on cell values.

MigrationA new interface makes it easy to import and customize menus and toolbars.

Pallets of toolsThese offer faster access to content, a larger display area and better standardization of projects.

Revision of annotations

Apply overlays between Autodesk® DWF ™ (Design Web Format ™) file format annotations to streamline review and editing processes.

CAD Productivity and Support: A Common Standard

New approach in the review process Autodesk DWF Composer delivers increased speed, efficiency and profitability to your 2D and 3D review processes. The DWF format retains intelligent design data from the original drawing. It is the best way to exchange data with team members who do not use CAD. Fully integrated with the AutoCAD family of products, Autodesk DWF Composer provides complete roundtrip bookmarks, annotations and other changes in AutoCAD, without re-entering information.

AutoCAD 2006, the 20th version of the well-known computer-aided design and design software, remains the undisputed market leader with more than 6 million users. Enriched with new concepts (dynamic blocks, intelligent arrays, dynamic data entry, etc.), this version will be particularly suitable for designers. Moreover, a whole range of application software applications (architecture, mechanics, industrial design, etc.) can be grafted on the basic program; Making AutoCAD the most comprehensive multidisciplinary software on the market.

AutoCAD 2005

With AutoCAD® 2005, you can effectively create individual plans. You now create complete sets of ordered plans. Tables and tool palettes improve productivity and simplify design tasks. The Sheet Set Manager helps you to create, manage, and efficiently share drawing sets.

AutoCAD 2005 leverages the productivity gains of AutoCAD 2004.
AutoCAD® 2005 also incorporates new tools that free you from tedious design tasks and help you effectively manage drawing sets. Improved tool palettes simplify (or eliminate) repetitive tasks and the Sheet Set Manager lets you create, share, and manage entire sets of related drawings. From creating individual drawings to managing entire sets of drawings, from sharing design information on the web to creating graphic-rich presentations, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT help you to go further.

Learning and Migration Tools
All new features in AutoCAD are not useful if you are having trouble updating from an earlier version. To do this, we added migration tools to automatically transfer customized items from older versions to AutoCAD 2005. We’ve also improved the new features workshop so you can start using the new features as quickly as possible.

AutoCAD 2005 is designed to run on the same computer as AutoCAD 2000 / 2000i / 2002/2004. The AutoCAD 2005 migration feature allows migration of custom menus, hatch patterns, line types, keyboard shortcuts, and AutoCAD profiles.

AutoCAD® is the most widely used computer-aided design, documentation and publishing software in the world. Its evolution is continuing to meet the needs of all industries.

AutoCAD 2004

AutoCAD® 2004 software is a design tool dedicated to 2D drawing and 3D design. AutoCAD® 2004 integrates native DWG compatibility and allows customization of the software or addition of additional applications to best meet your design requirements. AutoCAD 2004 has new and improved productivity tools to accelerate the creation and sharing of digital design data.

AutoCAD® 2004 software is a design tool dedicated to 2D drawing and 3D design. AutoCAD® 2004 integrates native DWG compatibility and allows customization of the software or addition of additional applications to best meet your design requirements. AutoCAD 2004 has new and improved productivity tools to accelerate the creation and sharing of digital design data.

AutoCAD 2004 and you:

· Quickly create: New and enhanced tools that will optimize your workflows include Autodesk® Express Tools, which reduce the number of steps required to complete a task, new pallets Tools that combine frequently used data, or the optimized DWG file format, which speeds up the recording, opening and transmission of files.

· Easily Share: New and enhanced data exchange capabilities include support for multi-sheet Design Web Format ™ (DWF ™) files and optimize the exchange of drawings over the Internet. You can view and trace DWF files but do not edit them. Digital signatures and password protection secure your files. The management of CAD standards ensures that the entire team uses the same drawing standards.

· Manage efficiently: Track, manage, and lend your licenses with the new AutoCAD® 2004 tools. Designers can safely borrow a network server software license to work off-line on a laptop.

AutoCAD® 2004, the fastest and easiest-to-use version of AutoCAD, offers new and improved features designed to make design data creation and sharing easier and faster, and to optimize the management of your software.

General information
AutoCAD 2004 – Create and share your design data more quickly and easily than ever before.
AutoCAD® 2004 software is the 2D drawing and 3D design tool most used by designers worldwide as any other CAD software. In addition to its native DWG compatibility, it allows you to customize or program the software or add an add-on application to meet your design requirements. In addition, AutoCAD now includes new and improved productivity tools, graphical presentation tools, standards checking tools and much more. These tools will accelerate and facilitate the creation and exchange of design data.
Quickly create
From opening and sending files to editing annotations, to creating presentation drawings, speed is essential in daily tasks. New and improved tools that will accelerate your work processes include:
· Express Tools that reduces the number of steps required to complete a task.
· Tool palettes, which you can customize with the most frequently performed operations.
· Optimized DWG file format, which speeds file opening, recording and transmission.
· Integration of true colors and presentation graphics, allowing you to create high-quality presentations directly in AutoCAD.
Share easily
Many prospects, a solution. AutoCAD software makes design data exchange between team members safer and more efficient. It thus helps the team to gather its skills to achieve a common goal. New and enhanced data exchange capabilities include:
· Improved multi-sheet Design (DWF ™) file format, which secures the transmission of drawings over the Internet between members of a team who wish to view and draw drawings without modifying them. The DWF format is lightweight and offers the same visual fidelity as a native DWG file.
· Digital signatures are used to validate the origin, authenticity and integrity of your drawings.
· Password protection protects your plans.
· AutoCAD® DesignCenter ™ and DesignCenter Online allow you to share pre-designed data with other team members.
· The CAD Standards Manager helps you ensure that the entire team works with the same design standards.
Manage effectively
Manage your licenses efficiently with new software inventory tools, including:
· Autodeskо Product Manager tracks the version, serial number, and PC numbers of multiple licenses.
· FLEXlm® Network License Manager (NLM) allows designers to borrow a license from the server to work off-line and automatically renew the license upon completion of the borrowing period.

AutoCAD 2002

1. Application

The AutoCAO 2002 software is a universal application of Conceptiof \ lDessln Computer Assisted. CAD / OAO applications are very powerful tools. The speed and ease with which a drawing can be prepared and modified on a computer has a huge advantage over the hand drawing. AutoCAO 2002 offers this sophisticated technology (previously reserved for larger and more expensive systems) for microcromator users.

With AutoCAD 2002, you can create any kind of drawing. If a drawing can be created by hand, it can be created with AutoCAD 2002. It is preferable to have good notions of industrial design or building drawing to better appreciate the possibilities of the software. User-friendly and comprehensive, AutoCAD 2002 is used in many fields of activity:

– Drawings of divefs of architecture,

– Drawings for applications in electronics, chemistry, civil engineering,

Aeronautics and Automotive, – Naval design,

– Interior design drawings,

– Organization charts and graphs of all kinds,

– Projects and presentations,

– technical illustrations and assembly drawings,

– business logos …

2. Physical Characteristics

AutoCAD 2002 works with the following con guratlon:

– An Intel Pentium II or AMD KG-II processor with 450 MHz processor or higher.

– Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, Windows ME, or

Windows NT 4 (SP5 or later).

– 128 MB of RAM.

– An Internet connection is desirable in order to better use the Internet


Like most graphics applications, the CAOIOAO AutoeAD 2002 product appreciates high resolution (17, 19, 20 or 21 inch) high resolution (1024 x 768 x 64K recommended) screens.

3. General description

AutoCAo 2002 offers a set of features to build your drawings. An entity (or object) is a drawing element such as a line, arc, text … You can tell AutoCAO 2002 which entity to draw by typing the command from the keyboard, selecting it from a menu Or a toolbar. You should then respond to the messages at the bottom of your screen to give you information, such as the position of the feature in your drawing, and possibly a scale and angle of rotation. After answering these questions, “entity will be drawn and will appear on your screen.

Other features in AutoCAo 2002 allow you to edit your drawings in several ways. Entities can be deleted, moved, or copied into regular assemblies. You can change the drawing view. AutoCAO 2002 brings you aids to precisely position your entities. If you want a copy of your drawing on paper, you can trace it with a plotter or a graphic printer.

4. Graphical User Interface

AutoCAo 2002 combines the advantages of the usual Windows interface functions with the AutoCAo 2002 functions: you can use the drop-down menus, dialog boxes, scroll bars, context menus, Tools to display Or resize on request, the various links between Windows applications (OLE, Hyperlinks).

You will find in the background a text window containing all the previous operations. The current session. You move from the text screen to the graphic screen and vice versa with the WJ key.

You get an intuitive and visual, well-documented help that can inform beginners, experienced users as well as developers. You can also access it using the f1 key.

AutoCAD 2000

AutoCAD, the 2000, is an English release in late April 1999. Or, by the end of June, it was already available, as AUTODESK had promised, in English. The gap between the release of the English version and that of the French version is thus less than three months. And this situation, with time, only allows to improve. With so small a gap, no one can say that the French version arrives too late.

It is integral and contains over 400 improvements, accuracy like the American version. Not one more and, most importantly, not one less! And, for the same price, no more expensive and, above all, no more expensive!
Some new features

This version allows, for the first time, to open several documents simultaneously and to exchange information between the various windows whereas before, to do this, it was necessary to open two sessions of AutoCAD. The right button, as with most Windows products, is now functional from the contextual menus exposed according to the command. The new wheel (middle button) can be used, among other things to allow an extended zoom. With this new version, users can now rely on print wizards to install multiple types of printing, and for the first time, print settings are integrated into the design. The very format of AutoCAD, that is to say in the DWG format. Can I say that I can print it in French?

On display, you can now, without printing, ask to see the thickness of the lines when it was not possible before, no matter the language of the version. It is even possible to create windows of different shapes, not rectangular. Finally, another big improvement for the user of AutoCAD, one can now considerably reduce the number of impressions of drawings as one can choose different models of presentation. Using tabs at the bottom of the screen, such as sheets in tables, allows you to choose and create different presentations that can be viewed or printed directly. In short, AutoCAD 2000 offers full visualization “tel-tel” (sometimes also known as wysiwyg).

Software Architecture

AutoCAD 2000, like the previous version, is programmed according to an open architecture so that all languages can be integrated into the program. This means that the product is classified in all languages, 27 for the latter version. The various versions can not be amputated of any functionality whatsoever. As far as the result is concerned, the DWG extension presents a drawing and respects the languages that are written.

However, let us specify that AutoCAD 2000 is not a multilingual software. It is produced in several languages, no matter the language, the drawings are transferable without problem. If we consider the linguistic aspect, there is no import or export to do. The drawing is read directly. The DWG extension is the AutoCAD extension, regardless of the software language. In short, French, or any other language, is only one method of work, no more.


The open character of the 2000 version, even more so than version 14, makes the product particularly well suited for level programs and plug-ins in other languages. These programs work with the French version and the programming rules of the AutoCAD designer are followed correctly.


AutoCAD 2000 is a search function, separate from Windows. It allows you to search for accented and unstressed terms regardless of whether it is in uppercase or lowercase.

This function, like most search functions, allows you to perform search and replace operations. With this functionality, for example, it is possible to search for terms in French and to substitute for them terms in English and vice versa.


In this new version, it is in French or in French, it is possible, when creating a layer (or layer) to give it a name accented in French. In version 14, this was impossible because of a software limitation.

Export and import formats

All import and export formats affect the language and allow them all the proper accentuation.


With the 2000 version in French, the English, British, French and German English dictionaries are provided. The American version includes fewer languages.


Since version 13, AUTODESK uses the Unicode character set. At a time when this coding was hardly mentioned,


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