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What is a 3D configurator for?

What a 3D configurator can do

One of the major advances that has become a reality in recent years thanks to 3D technology is undoubtedly the possibility of realizing individual designs in small quantities. For companies, this is followed by the unique opportunity to design their web presence in such a way that the possibility of fulfilling individual customer requests is one of their core competencies.

In these and similar cases, our 3D configurator, which can be easily integrated into the company website, provides unbeatable services, because with its help, above all complex products can be put together individually using an easy-to-use user interface.

3D configurator has long been standard in B2B sales

Based on Joseph Beuys’ famous quote “Everyone is an artist”, one could say that a 3D configurator turns everyone into a potential product designer. This is particularly true because this instrument makes the technically very demanding handling of a CAD program superfluous.
The provision of a 3D configurator has therefore long since become the standard for a successful sale, especially in B2B sales processes, as the means of choice to avoid mistakes at an early stage and at the same time with the customer decision security to manufacture.

As a professional 3D printing service, we at 3D Activation have of course recognized this trend and developed a corresponding tool for your 3D printing design ideas.

The 3D configurator from 3D Activation helps you to create individual glasses, mobile phone cases or rings for employees and customers. The jewelry print with silver, bronze, copper or brass ensures particularly high-quality designs, as you can see in the example below.

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Our 3D configurator as an example:

Try our example 3D ring configurator >>Your browser does not support iframes.

Optimization of the entire value chain possible thanks to the 3D configurator

For companies, however, our 3D configurator does not just open up an additional sales channel (even if this is probably its most important task), rather the use of this tool is accompanied by positive, holistic optimization effects for the entire value chain. These optimization effects begin with the product configuration on the customer and sales side (i.e. the planning of the product, in close consultation with the customer) and extend to optimized production control, which in turn allows leeway in cost and price calculation.

3D configurator can be easily integrated into the website

Our 3D configurator can be easily integrated into the customer’s website without disturbing existing systems or interrupting relevant processes. This is ensured by a special, intelligent interface. In addition, our 3D configurator can also be operated as a stand-alone solution via a tablet or a 3D printing shop. To maintain and manage the 3D configurator, you only need a computer with an internet connection, regardless of time and place.

Are you interested in the 3D online configurator from 3D Activation? Find out more on our website. There you will also find explanations of our wide range of materials and services.

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