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Training and further education in 3D printing

Training, seminars and further education in 3D printing improve your future prospects in the age of Industry 4.0

If you are interested in further training on the subject of 3D printing, you are definitely already on the right track for your professional future. After all, the boom in 3D printing technologies that has been observed since 2011 at the latest has created a need for specialists that is only insufficiently covered by the traditional training and their focuses.

There are basically 2 different options in the field of 3D printing training courses: While advice for designers is more closely linked to existing specialist knowledge, training on the subject of additive processes focuses more on teaching the basics of 3D printing.

Option 1: Consulting for designers

The decisive basis for further training and seminars with a focus on 3D printing advice for designers is an introduction to the additive processes. Selective laser sintering/SLS printing, FDM processes and stereolithography are undoubtedly the most common 3D printing processes, but it should be all the more important for the course participants to also learn lesser-known 3D printing technologies, such as ceramic printing or FDB -procedure closer.

Other seminar content is getting to know material samples and developing ideas that are specifically suitable for use in the respective company. Finally, a discussion of the applications concludes the training.

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Option 2: Training in additive processes

With this option, you should plan a seminar duration of at least 1.5 days, in return you will receive extremely well-founded professional training in the field of 3D printing technologies.

Here too, a comprehensive overview of the additive manufacturing processes, in particular of course SLS printing, stereolithography/SLA printing, FDM printing and selective laser melting/SLM printing, forms the start.

Training and further education in 3D printingTraining and further education in 3D printingIn the further course of the training, the materials commonly used in 3D printing, with a focus on the SLS and SLM printing materials, are in the foreground, namely with regard to material data, applications, achievable accuracy, surface treatments and generative design or construction guidelines. Furthermore, application examples for industry and consumer goods are presented, and questions of individualization of products (mass customization) are dealt with.

The conclusion of the additive manufacturing training is an elaboration of ideas with regard to applications for companies and, finally, a discussion of the concepts developed in this context.

The costs for both options are available on request.

You can find out more about 3D printing technologies in general and our 3D printing service in particular in our blog.

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