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The year 2021 in 3D printing – a review

For several years now, we at 3D Activation GmbH have made it a habit to take a look back at the 3D printing trends of the year at the end of each year. A tradition that we would like to continue in 2021.

Again in the top ten of 3Druck

First of all, however, we are pleased to announce that in the ranking of the online portal 3Druck we have again made it into the top ten (namely 6th place) of the most popular 3D printing service providers of the year in 2021. This success can be considered all the more remarkable when you consider that the 3Druck portfolio already includes over 450 3D printing dealers.

3D printing innovations at CES 2021

Of course, the 3D printing year 2021 started with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 11-14, 2021.

One of the most impressive innovations at CES 2021 was the Mega SE models Wash & Cure Plus from a Chinese 3D printing provider. This is an FDM printer with particularly improved equipment. The Mega SE models have a patented glass lattice structure, which prevents the distortion typical of FDM, ensures proper bonding when heated and is also easy to handle when cooling down.

Formnext 2021 again as a face-to-face trade fair

Unlike the case in 2020 due to Corona, Formnext in Frankfurt am Main 2021, from November 16th to 19th, 2021, was again held as a face-to-face trade fair.

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Of course, there were some spectacular innovations from the world of 3D printing to marvel at. The Cerion production facility of an Austrian 3D printing provider should be mentioned here, with the help of which industrial series printing using the stereolithography process is to be decisively improved. This is made possible by a further optimized form of hot lithography technology.

A Munich start-up specializing in medical 3D printing made a difference at Formnext 2021 with a combination of fused layer manufacturing (FLM) and clean room technology. This is made possible by a filter system. Thanks to this technological innovation, imperfections in the component caused by foreign bodies can be avoided.

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