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The VDMA at Formnext 2019

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Some time ago we told you about the latest trends at this point Formnext 2019 (19.-22.11., Frankfurt am Main) reported. A small addendum seems necessary on this occasion.

It should be about the exciting presentations of the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA) at the trade fair.

From gold jewelry to engine blocks

The spectrum of additive manufacturing techniques presented by the VDMA was the finest Gold Jewellery to a complete engine block from the 3D printer.

The gold 3D printing was done in a powder-based process, on such a small 3D printer that this process had to be visualized under a magnifying glass.

At the other end of the scale was the demonstration of the enormous installation spaces possible in binder jetting with sand molds. To illustrate this potential, the employees at the VDMA stand printed a complete engine block. At the same time, a miniature model of this engine block was printed in Matchbox format.

The finishes were also impressive

In addition to the diverse 3D printing technologies themselves, the post-processing options were also encountered (finishes) to a great response from the audience. The VDMA employees were happy to answer numerous technical questions.

Overall positive trade fair balance of the VDMA

All in all, Rainer Gebhardt, project manager of the AG Additive Manufacturing (AM) of the VDMA, was completely satisfied with the Formnext appearance. The large number of exhibited 3D printing materials, processes and post-processing had a great attraction for the trade fair visitors. In addition, a great deal of enthusiasm was palpable in numerous discussions.

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