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The 7 best programs for your 3D files

Image 3D file

Schematic representation of a 3D file.

Some tools to transform and convert 3D files

An important step on the way to the finished 3D model is the creation of an STL file. Finally, STL is the most common 3D file format and can be read by all 3D printers. We would therefore like to introduce you to a few programs today that you can use to convert your data set to STL.

The following 7 programs should therefore help you to convert your 3D files.

mesh converter

Meshconverter is an open source program available online, created solely to convert 3D models into STL files. This program supports a wide range of file formats, from STL to BYL. Meshconverter does not offer any other functions beyond the conversion of 3D files. However, if you just want to convert your 3D model quickly and for free, then Meshconverter is a good choice.

Spin 3D

An important asset of this easy-to-use mesh converter is the ability to edit multiple mesh files at the same time. This software works very quickly. Spin 3D also offers you the possibility to share your 3D files. However, since this is software, not an online offering, the first thing to do is download Spin 3D. Additional functions of this software enable the expansion of PC games (game modding), as well as animations.

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CAD exchangers

The CAD Exchaner is also a data conversion software. You download this software for free first. After that you can upload your files to convert them. CAD Exchanger converts files from OBJ, 3dm, brep, step and many other formats to STL or from STL to these formats.

Online CAD converters

Here the name itself explains what it is about: namely an online program for converting CAD files. Everything about this tool is free. The Online CAD Converter allows the conversion of SLDPRT, STEP, SKP, X_T, JT, OBJ, STL, 3DS, IPT, 3D PDF, CATIA and other formats. In addition to CAD files, this tool also supports graphic and neutral formats.

In the online CAD converter you can have a file converted for free. After that, each additional file costs €1. The maximum file size is 100 KB.

Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter is also available online, and it’s even free. This program is particularly recommended if you are responsible for a large number of different projects. The Bear File Converter is able to convert videos, image and audio files as well as Office documents. In our context, of course, the possibility of converting 3D files is of particular interest. The website supports a variety of file formats, such as BLEND, STL, 3DS or XML. In addition, the Bear File Converter is particularly easy to use.

Need help designing your 3D file?

You don’t have a 3D model yet and need a 3D design? We construct printable 3D models based on your templates at a low price!

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Use of 3D software

The alternative to the above programs is to use 3D software. Blender, SketchUp, TopSolid, or Fusion 360 should be mentioned here in particular. These programs also make it very easy for you to export your 3D model. All you have to do is click on “File” and then on “Export” or “Save As”.

Our 3D configurator

We currently support 32 different formats: .3dm, .3ds, .3dxml, .3mf, .CATPart, .dae, .dlv, .dlv3, .dxf, .exp, .fbx, .iges, .igs, .jt, . model, .obj, .ply, .prt, .skp, .slc, .sldprt, .step, .stl, .stp, .vda, .vdafs, .vrml, .wrl, .x_b, .x_t, .zcp and .zpr.

The 3D configurator is also able to repair 3D files.

3D file image3D file with recess.

You can find more help here:

Requirements for 3D files

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