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Technologieland Hessen reports on 3D ACTIVATION

The industry magazine Technologieland Hessen also reports on 3D activation under the heading “Completely detached”.

In the past few years we have reported occasional mentions of 3D Activation in the press. We are all the more pleased to be able to present you with another press report about our company today.


Pioneer of 3D printing

Under the headline “Totally detached – scientists and industry pioneers are working to free industrial production from the factory floor with 3D printing”, this magazine mentions our company as a pioneer of 3D printing. “Among the pioneers who put research into practice implement is what counts for Fabian Strohschein. In 2011, the entrepreneur founded the 3D Activation printing service with locations in Wiesbaden and Thun, Switzerland. Since then, Strohschein has observed how the range of starting materials has become ever more plentiful.” This describes the trend towards the rapid increase in 3D printing materials that has been observed for several years. “Today, his printers not only process various plastics and metals, but also silver, ceramics and quartz sand – there are a total of over 50 substances that take shape in nine different technological processes.”

In addition to the 3D Activation, the founding of the Jellypipe in 2017 is also mentioned in that article.

You can read the whole post here.

Technologieland Hessen is a magazine published by the Hessian state government with the aim of networking players from business, science, administration and politics.

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