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Into spring with 3D Activation

What spring has to do with 3D printing

Quite a few contemporaries regard spring, the time when the days get longer and warmer as the most beautiful season of all. It is therefore all the less surprising that spring can also be considered to be anything but an uninteresting season in the world of 3D printing.

3D printed spring collection inspired by magnetic field research

An exciting example in this context is the Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen mentioned, who used 3D printing technology for her spring 2015 collection (launched in autumn 2014, at the Paris ready-to-wear show). Specifically, van Herpen was inspired by the Swiss research facility CERN (based in Geneva), whose work focuses on the creation of magnetic fields. Consequently, Iris van Herpen christened her spring collection – designed in collaboration with the Dutch artist Jolan van der Wiel and the Canadian architect Philip Beesley – with the name “Magnetic Motion”.

“Passau Spring” as a stage for 3D printing technology

In March 2016, the Passau three-country trade fair “Passauer Frühling” served as a stage for the Deggendorf trainee Lukas Pöhn to demonstrate a 3D printer. Specifically, it was a 3D printer of the type “Delta Tower”, which is able to make models up to 1.30 m tall. Specifically, at the Passau spring fair, primarily objects that were as vivid and catchy as plastic rabbits were printed, but the “Delta Tower” was primarily designed for the production of spare parts, as Lukas Pöhn explained at the fair.

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The “Passauer Frühling” is a consumer fair for exhibitors from Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Austria (hence its description as a “three-country fair”), at which this year (between March 5th and 13th, 2016) over 450 exhibitors presented their product ideas to around 70,000 could present to visitors.

The 3D Activation team wishes you a good and hopefully relaxed start into spring and hopes to be able to continue to support you in realizing your 3D printing ideas.

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