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Clothing from 3D printers: 3D printed rock stirs up the fashion world


Clothing from 3D printers: 3D printed rock stirs up the fashion world

Marc Cain & 3D Activation caused a sensation at Fashion Week Berlin 2014 with fashionable 3D printed skirts

The designer label Marc Cain from Swabian Bodelshausen (Tübingen district) could on the Fashion Week Berlin 2014 (14-19/01/2014) with three 3D printed skirts impress. This artful skirt, consisting of 12 individual parts and 1320 partly movable bodies, was produced with the help of the 3D printing service of the company 3D Activation GmbH. Both Marc Cain and 3D Activation GmbH were awarded the silver prize in the 3D printed products category at Printstars 2014 (Stuttgart, September 18, 2014) for this futuristic 3D printed skirt.

Around 27 hours for 3D printing rock with PA

It took about 27 hours to laser sinter a 3D printed rock that served as material PA(=polyamide)2200, a fine powder based on polyamide-12, chemically closely related to nylon. The SLS 3D printing process used here, also known as Selective laser sintering, is based on the fact that a powder, in this case the PA2200, is applied layer by layer in the desired shape to the printing bed and fused in a protective atmosphere with the help of a high-power laser (a so-called CO2 laser). PA2200 has a melting temperature of 184°C and is usually applied with a layer thickness (also referred to as layer thickness) of 0.15mm.

The manufacturer himself describes the 3D printed skirt in a press release (read here: Marc Cain 3D printed press release) as an “abstract form of a Marc Cain knitted skirt”. With this, Marc Cain wants to point out the potential of 3D printing technology for the fashion world and show how well traditional manufacturing processes can be imitated with the help of modern technology, such as that offered by 3D printing.

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Growing importance of 3D printing technology for the fashion industry

In general, the fashion industry sees in 3D printing technology the opportunity to create creations, shapes and figures that would hardly be possible using conventional methods. “There is a huge need to implement fashion and design projects with the help of 3D printing,” confirms Strohschein, Managing Director of 3D Activation GmbH. The special shape of the 3D-printed elements makes it possible to give the designed 3D-printed skirt a special flexibility to rent.

At the same time, thanks to 3D printing technology, new possibilities are emerging individual production. “The 3D printing process meets the consumer’s desire for individual production,” says Strohschein.

In addition to the possibility of producing clothing that fits perfectly and individually, an aspect that should not be underestimated by the end consumer, the 3D printing process also enables consumers to become fashion designers themselves. Idealistically, 3D-printed clothes are therefore too “Custom Clothes”, because they are intended to force fashion consumers to deal more intensively with their own fashionable self-image. This aspect should be of no small importance, especially for young creative people who are critical of consumption and conformity.

In addition, the 3D printing process only uses as much material as is required for the respective end product. Clothing 3D printing is therefore a significant step compared to traditional clothing manufacturing processes resource-saving manufacturing process.

3D Activation is happy to help young creatives to realize fashion projects with the help of 3D printing. You can find more information about our 3D printing service and the materials used on our website or contact our service team. How would you like to advise.

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