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Brille&Mode reports on 3D printing glasses | 3D ACTIVATION

Brille&Mode reports on 3D printed glasses

In its current issue, Lifestyle Brille&Mode also reports on our 3D printed glasses

For 40 years, the industry and lifestyle magazine Brille&Mode has been published twice a year, namely in spring (April) and autumn (September/October). It presents the current trends in eyewear fashion, as well as various fashion and lifestyle trends. In the current anniversary issue of Brille&Mode, issue number 80, there is now also an article on the trend topic of 3D printed glasses.

On page 35 of this magazine, under the heading “Challenge and 3D printing”, there is also a report on 3D activation and the cooperation of our 3D printing service with the Cologne design office Designhochvier. This cooperation has produced some impressive results in recent years.

3D activation in an interview

“It is a pleasure for me, as a 3D printing service provider, to report on a glasses 3D printing project that we were able to realize on behalf of the Cologne design office Designhochvier,” reports our managing director Fabian Strohschein on this project.

“For us, the biggest challenge in 3D printing glasses,” continues Strohschein, “lies in the possibility of producing small series and individual products in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

Thanks to 3D printing, completely new possibilities are also opening up for eyewear designers, which must be used accordingly, as Strohschein explains further. The right frame can be designed for every face. On the designer side, of course, experience in the optical anatomy. “The fit can be guaranteed through experience in optical anatomy, especially with regard to inclination and nose flank angle.”

Strohschein summarizes the most important advantages of 3D printing of glasses, especially with regard to the requirements of the glasses designer, as follows: “In addition to the speed of the process and the associated short delivery times, the material used impresses with its mechanical and optical properties Properties such as lightness, flexibility, longevity and luminosity of the colors, but of course also through the personalization associated with the process.”

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You can read the whole interview here.

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