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Due to its high plastic consumption, 3D printing is unfortunately not always included sustainable technology connected. Sustainable projects can be started with additive manufacturing.

So we have a few examples for you sustainable 3D printing collected.


Reduction of material waste

Last but not least, one of the advantages of 3D printing is the associated reduction in material consumption. Because there is no mold to make or anything to extract, there is virtually no material waste in additive manufacturing.

Sustainable living thanks to 3D printing

The ability to 3D print entire houses can also contribute to sustainability in construction and living, especially when recycled waste is used. After all, human as well as plant, animal and other waste can become 3D printable Material recycled will. For example, the US Army is planning to process recycled plastic bottles for 3D printing in order to prevent its own supply bottlenecks in this way.

3D printing from seashells

Under the name of NaturePlast, a French start-up sells 3D printing filaments made from mussel shells, oysters, scallops or recycled wheat or coffee waste.

3D filaments made from hemp

A US startup has now developed a 3D printing filament based on hemp. This material is characterized by various industrial production options and is considered to be readily biodegradable.

3D materials recycling

The ProtoCycler machine, developed by a Canadian company, is capable of recycling most of the most commonly used plastics on the market. In this way, the company hopes to help drastically reduce plastic waste in the long term.

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