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3D printing with metal at 3D Activation | 3D ACTIVATION

3D printing with metal at 3D Activation

An exploration of our material variants for metal 3D printing

One of the most impressive types of rapid prototyping is undoubtedly 3D printing with metal. It therefore almost goes without saying that we, as a professional 3D printing service, provide you with a wide selection of metals for 3D printing.

We use a total of 7 metal variants, 6 of them in selective laser melting (also known as SLM-process known), the classic metal 3D printing process, which enables a detail accuracy of up to 0.1mm. Silver printing is a special case, since only the wax model for the subsequent, traditional process of silver casting is created on the 3D printer.

Besides the two steel alloys SS420 and L316 we print the metals aluminum, brass, bronze and copper for you in selective laser melting.

Metal powder is used in 3D printing with metal as the base

In this 3D printing process (similar to selective laser sintering), the metal, which is in powder form, is applied to a printing plate where it is locally fused using a laser beam, ie the laser beam draws the desired shape into the metal powder, in which it solidifies after melting. Then the printing plate is pulled down by the amount of the desired layer thickness, metal powder is applied again and the process begins again.

In order to prevent contamination of the material by oxygen (which could result in chemical reactions under certain circumstances), selective laser melting usually takes place in an inert gas atmosphere of argon or nitrogen.

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Aluminum printing is in high demand in the aerospace industry

Aluminum is particularly suitable for components that are exposed to high mechanical and dynamic loads, for example in the aerospace industry. With SS420 and L316, we provide you with 2 stainless steel alloys, of which SS420 is characterized above all by its high heat resistance, while L316 is primarily characterized by a high degree of ductility and corrosion resistance convinced. Because of their particularly elegant, shiny appearance, brass, bronze and copper, as well as silver, are primarily suitable for 3D printing jobs in the jewelry and design sectors.

3D print with metal cuff3D printing with metal using SLMLearn more about metal 3D printing at 3D Activation by visiting our website. There you will also find comprehensive information about all of our materials, 3D printing processes and services.

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