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In addition to the classic sectors of industrial production, numerous other sectors also benefit from the possibilities of 3D printing. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the possible uses of this innovative technology in the film industry.

Props from the 3D printer

The focus of the film producers is in particular the Production of props, but also of costumes and various other objects. The background here is primarily the well-known motivation of the film industry to create cinema films in which everything looks as realistic as possible. The use of 3D printing and, to some extent, 3D scanning has changed the way people work behind the scenes in the film industry in recent years.

3D printing for “Skyfall” and “Starwars”

3D printing and 3D scanning have already been used in the production of a large number of films, including “Skyfall” from the James Bond series or “The force awakens”, “Guardians of the galaxy” and “Thor: The dark world” from the “Star Wars” series. But “Jurassic Park 3” or “Ocean’s 8” can also be mentioned in this context.

High resolution and easy design changes

The most important advantages of using 3D printing technology in the film and props industry are undoubtedly the high resolution and quality, the scalability, the short turnaround times or the improved adaptability. After all, design changes can be achieved in this way without much effort.

Industry insiders on 3D printing

For example, Glenn Hetrick, industry professional and CEO of Alchemy Studios, reports that 3D printing technology has helped him create props that look far more realistic than those made using conventional methods. “A lot of the tricks we’ve relied on for decades to bring creatures to life don’t work anymore because you can see the edges, you can see it was made out of foam and not skin […]3D design and printing makes the process so much smoother,” says Hetrick.

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Similarly, concept designer Neville Page comments: “Now we can do details that would take you ages to do on the computer in literally minutes, with greater precision and resolution than by hand. With the addition of 3D printing, we went from spending days making a single object to doing the same thing in hours, with no waste and with the added ability to make many more of the same object with the exact same high-quality specifications.”

3D Printing in the Film IndustryLearn more about the potential applications of 3D printing in the creative industries on our 3D Activation blog.

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