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3D printed dress for NYC Fashion Week

3D activation print dress worn by Pia Hinze

Pia Hinze has a golden 3D printed dress made by 3D Activation

The company was able to land a golden order in the truest sense of the word 3D Activation GmbH to be implemented in spring 2013. The young designer from Munich Pia Hinze got involved at the time 3D printed gold dress in the 3D printing facility Wiesbaden 3D printing service provider print out, an order that made 3D Activation well-known almost overnight.

That was to be admired under the name MUTED branding, spectacular 3D print dress, especially at the New York Fashion Week 2014 (February 12-15, 2014), but also at the 3D Print Show London&Paris, as well as at the Fashion Show and Exhibition in Cork, Ireland (November 2013). in Vienna (Print3D future, April 27, 2014), Saint Petersburg (Geek Picnic, August 9/10, 2014), Budapest (Smart fashion exhibition, October 3-12, 2014) and Athens (3D Printing exhibition, December 15, 2014 – March 1 .2015).

3D print dress meets baroque design language

Pia Hinze refers to her 3D printed dress as “neo-baroque” and as inspired “both by the limitless possibilities of 3D printing technology and by the opulence of baroque architecture”. In other words: Hinze wants to draw from the endless pool of possibilities of the modern age (in the form of 3D printing technology) as well as from those of the past (in the form of the Baroque style).

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Pia Hinze considers her collaboration with 3D Activation to be so successful that she describes this 3D printing service provider as a “great German company” that has helped her wonderfully to realize her visions. Hinze had sent the drafts of her future 3D printed dress (in the form of a 2-dimensional drawing file, see image) to 3D Activation, where they were converted into (required for a 3D print) CAD files converted and then printed out.

3D print dress made of 8 individual parts using selective laser sintering

The 3D print dress MUTED has a volume of 2500cm³ and was printed in 8 individual parts using selective laser sintering from polyamide (PA)12, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with properties similar to nylon. Selective laser sintering, also known as SLS 3D printing process, is a 3D printing process based on a powder, in this case PA12, being applied layer by layer in the desired shape to the printing bed and being fused in a protective atmosphere using a high-power laser (a so-called CO2 laser). The actual 3D printing process in this case took about 40 hours. The gold layer that creates the special effect was applied after the actual 3D printing.

In April 2013, Pia Hinze began documenting the creation process of the 3D printed dress on a Facebook profile specially set up for this purpose. Six months later (on October 18, 2013) she went online with her own website for MUTED.

https://www.3d-activation.ch/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/3D-Print-Dress-Template.jpg3D print dress raw material3D print dress raw material

3D Activation has specialized in the 3D printing of samples and prototypes and is increasingly working with young designers from the fashion industry. More detailed information about 3D Activation’s 3D printing service and other projects can be found on the company’s website.

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