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3D Activation gives 3D printing lecture in Cologne

Carl Duisberg 3D printing lecture

Delegation of the CITIC Group from China takes part in our 3D printing seminar

Fabian Strohschein, Managing Director of 3D Activation GmbH, gave a lecture on 3D printing to 15 participants from the Chinese CITIC Group last Wednesday, June 13, 2018 in Cologne. This lecture was simultaneously translated into Chinese by a translator. Some of the questions that arose were translated into English.

First of all, it was explained which materials and printing processes are offered by 3D Activation and for which purposes they are suitable in each case. It was also shown what 3D scanning, 3D construction and 3D visualization mean exactly.

Cooperation with the CITIC Group

The CITIC (= China International Trust and Investment Corporation) Group is a state-owned finance and investment company of the People’s Republic of China. Founded in 1979, CITIC Group aims to attract foreign capital to China, introduce technology to China, and adopt international scientific practices in management.

The organizer

The organizer was Carl Duisberg, a private training provider that has specialized in the international qualification of junior staff and executives for over 50 years.

Founded on January 26, 1962 as a “non-profit Carl Duisberg-Wohnheim Gesellschaft mbH”, the company initially specialized in the construction, promotion and maintenance of dormitories for the foreign scholarship holders of the (existing) Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft eV (CDG). After numerous expansions of the business field, Carl Duisberg finally started in 1976 with the preparation for foreign countries and the intercultural training for executives of the German economy.

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