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Quickly optimize your textures for faster rendering! Proxy Textures is a 3dsMax plugin created by the Spline Dynamics editor to automatically create low resolution versions of textures and speed up work on heavily loaded scenes.

The plugin temporarily reduces the size of your textures, which reduces memory consumption and improves viewport performance. It is possible to configure it to use the original textures only at render time, to work faster. It can also be used to reduce unnecessarily large textures, such as those far from the camera, to speed up rendering.

Need to do little preview or render tests? You can easily reduce and optimize all the textures accordingly. Here is the plugin in video :

Proxy Textures allows you to convert multiple texture files to JPG / PNG formats. You can choose to process all bitmaps in the scene at the same time or to work only with the materials of the selected objects. This is a commercial script for Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and above.


  • Create low-resolution copies of your textures and free up RAM memory to speed up and simplify your work on complex scenes
  • Work on selected objects or on all scene textures at once
  • Set the image reduction size in pixels or percent
  • Automatic use of original textures at render time or manual restore at any time
  • The link with the original textures is always preserved
  • Convert multiple textures to lightweight JPG / PNG formats to replace heavy TGA / TIFF / BMP files
  • Automatically resize textures to power closest to 2 (optimized for graphics cards / game engines)
  • Define a custom folder for your proxy textures
  • Support for the most popular renderers (Scanline, VRay, Corona, FStorm, Arnold, etc.)
  • Easy drag-and-drop installation
  • No plugin dependency
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    More info here: Proxy Textures for 3DsMax

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