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New software: Nuke, MARI, 3DSMax

In the 3d world, there are always a lot of new things: for thegraphic designer, it is essential for him to stay informed of these updates, both in terms of art itself and of technical news. Here is a small article to keep you up to date with several new software regarding Nuke, HUSBAND & 3DSMax.

Coming soon: Nuke 10

Early 2016, there will be some change, because the latest version of Nuke come ! Editor The Foundry announced many improvements, especially in the areas that matter most to 3d artists (painting, rendering, playback, export). The integration of new OpenColorIO will simplify the workflow of color management, while a new rendering engine for 3D ray plots was added. NukeX and Nuke studio are equipped with powerful intelligent painting tools, allowing to paint sequences of images containing complex movements or subtle details. Generally, Nuke studio has been greatly improved, both in terms of editorial that like finishing solution.

=> https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/nuke-10/

Launch of Ornatrix 4 for 3DSMax

Editor Ephere threw Ornatrix 4 for software 3DSMax. If you are new to Ornatrix, this is a tool for creation of hair, furs or feathers. What more does this new version bring? First of all, better tools for brushing, especially in terms of workflow. We find a photo-realistic quality with flexible rendering options thanks to the faster rendering path, Vray Where MentalRay allowing high quality rendering. Interesting modifiers like Curls, Frizz, Combing make sure to harness the power and flexibility of the 3DSMAX modifier stack. The MassFX dynamics allow interactive and integrated dynamics in 3DSMAX scenes; the fabric production (cloth) is also improved and allows to work with deformed meshes (meshes).

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=> http://www.ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/max/ornatrix/

MARI 3 is here

MARI 3 has arrived, what we can say is that The Foundry don’t be idle! The latest version offers new features in terms of the integration of pipeline and workflow, improving the productivity of 3d artists by enabling them to better manage complexity and produce better results. With rendering and baking to MODO fully integrated, support OpenSubdiv and better management of the color space, MARI 3 never ceases to surprise us. The software is widely used in the fields of VFX, of the’animation or the game production. Among the new features, we will also find: customization of node groups, from shaders Arnold, VRay, Unreal or Redshift, a support of the FBX geometry, session scripts, a integration API rendering or even improved texture transfer. But also a safe mode and extended access to selection groups.

=> http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/mari/latest-mari-release/

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