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Kinematic Lab, tools for 3dsMax artists

Kinematic Lab is an online store for artists and graphic designers working with 3dsMax software. This site is managed by Hocus pocus, a 3D animation studio based in Lyon specializing in the production of images and VFX for TV, cinema and video games.

In the categories of tool use, you will find everything for animation, environment art, motion design, particles, rigging, modeling … Among the most famous and most used tools, you can notably find :

  • TopoLogiK, a retopology tool;
  • VECmap tools, a set for painting and using vector maps;
  • MeshInsert, to speed up your modeling process;
  • UI Toolkit, a series of plugins to quickly create UI and motion graphics;
  • PhysX Painter, to quickly populate your scenes with assets.
  • © VEC MapTools

    Many world-renowned international studios are Kinematic Lab clients: ILM, Lucas Films, Scanline VFX, Method Studios, Digic Pictures, Square Enix …

    © PhysXPainter

    To see the different works of users, it’s here: https://hocuspocus-studio.fr/tools/users-portfolio/

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